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Back in 1997, with the closest thing to adventure being an open spot at Loomis Fargo armoured car business, David Ghantt, a shy, quiet man in his forties, entered the world of thrill and excitement, following his dream. If only it were that simple. Instead, from now on, Ghantt's new reality includes a boring repetitiveness of collecting and delivering money, up until that day that Kelly Campbell, a new and exciting colleague, entered the company's door rocking David's world for good. Inevitably, head over heels for her, David is prepared to do anything for her attention, and before long, he would even accept a key role in an inside job proposed by Kelly and her opportunistic accomplice Steve, the town's petty thief. As one of the selected few who hold the key to the vault, David will be successful in his task and with the intention to please his new sweetheart, he will eagerly cram $17 million in the back of the company's armoured van, in the biggest cash heist in history. However, the security cameras are silently recording..
A guard at an armored car company in the Southern U.S. organizes one of the biggest bank heists in American history. Based on the October 1997 Loomis Fargo robbery.
When recently was approached by my friends to go and watch Masterminds first thing I usually do I check rate sites such as the one am writing on(IMDb) and rotten tomatoes both obviously had bad reviews especially the latter. To be honest, my expectations were very low , I know I wasn't expecting Leslie Nielsen of naked gun series or Peter Sellers of Pink Panther Series style or even near come on those two were on top of physical comedy. I can say this comedy role in our lives is to make us laugh even if it was a silly laugh and this what Masterminds did, probably it's not piece of cup for the fans of Chaplin,Laurel & Hardie,Jacque Tati,Sellers or Nielsen but when a movie keeps making you laugh out load it's pretty decent even if it lacks artistic part of cinema but sometimes wacky moments in cinema are needed to forget problems of the now and the tomorrow. For me, if you are planning to forget what's bothering you go watch it.
This film is like the Saturday night live version of a true story that is a bit funny to start with. The DVD extras had the true story told by the thief and the FBI. The whole film is uniformly crazy acted with total lack of serious. The film makers mostly exaggerated what happened in real life but they continued the story differently than reality at the point where the thief was to be killed by the mastermind. It was the second biggest heist of the USA history. The red head thief actually sounds and looks a lot like a friend of mine. Funny.
Bits of welcome weirdness creep in, mainly through the too-brief character of Ghantt’s intense fiancée (Kate McKinnon). But Hess has little time for wit.

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